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Edwarde Wilde

Date of death: 24.7.1920
Area: Crofton
Regiment: Manchester
Family information: Husband of Elizabeth Wilde, of Avenue Buildings, Crofton
Rank: Lance Corporal
Service number: 3513805

War Service

Lance Corporal Edwarde Wilde, service number 3513805, of the 2nd Battalion, Manchester Regiment died on 24th July 1920 age 23 at Gallipoli. He is remembered on the Basra Memorial.

Family Life

Additional to the confirmed details of Lance Corporal Edwarde Wilde’s death in action at Gallipoli, an entry was found in the Parish Register which records his marriage on 6th January 1919 to Elizabeth Harvey. They were 21 and 20 respectively and he is described as a miner. Their address is given as Avenue Buildings, Crofton. His father was Henry, a miner and her father, John Thomas, was a labourer. Their witnesses were Joseph Tunnicliffe and Frances Mary Waltham. Dorothy Redshaw (a resident of Crofton) reports that her maiden name was “Tunnicliffe” and the family have a card that states that Edwarde was killed in action by the Turks. This seems to fit with his appearance on the Basra Memorial. Dorothy also states that he was her mother’s first husband. The memorial at the Cock & Crown mis-spells his name “Wild”.

Photo of Basra Military Cemetery. Sand ground with  a long wall memorial with 11 towers. The central tower is the tallest. 3 military vehicles and a trailer are in front, Basra Military Cemetery

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