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Jack Knapton

Area: Knottingley
Regiment: Royal Artillery
Family information: Eldest son of Mr and Mrs W Knapton
Rank: Driver

War Service

Pontefract & Castleford Express 14 May 1943 p6 (+ photos)
Two more Knottingley brothers, Pte Rowland and Driver Jack Knapton, have just met in the Middle East, after a period of 15 months in which they had not seen each other. Pte Knapton who is 23 joined the Army in January 1940, and before that was employed in the furnishing trade at Castleford. Driver Knapton is 33, and before enlisting only a month before his brother, was employed by Messrs Bagley & Co of Knottingley. They are the third and eldest sons, respectively, of Mr & Mrs W Knapton of Gillann Street, Knottingley, and another son is serving in India.
Pontefract & Castleford Express 24 March 1944 p6
“I have a bit of good news for you this time” says Driver J Knapton, of the Royal Artillery, serving with the CMF., to his mother Mrs W Knapton of Gillann Street, Knottingley, in a letter written on March 2nd. “I’ve made contact with Rowland.” Driver Knapton goes on “he is only six miles behind us now. I was at a concert this week, when I saw some Y and L’s, and on enquiring I met his room mate. He came up the same night. We fully expected moving up the line the next night, so I hitch-hiked down to see him, but he and his pal had also decided to come up and see me. So when I got to his place, he was absent. I rushed back, in a sweat, through the pouring rain, and he was waiting for me, with three bottles of beer and a bottle of wine. My, didn’t it go down grand! We are staying here awhile, so this week-end me and my pals are paying his company a visit. It’s certainly been my lucky week. I’ve met Steve Acton, whose grandfather kept the Bay Horse, and Alf Skelton. They are only twenty yards from me. The two Stenton brothers are also nearby. I have not met them yet, but Alf Skelton has, and we are going to look them up. On leaving the concert I ran into Jackie Shay, and now he’s a regular visitor. Knottingley is well represented here on the Italian Front. You can assure all the folk we are all fit and full of beans, and confident of an early victory. We have all experienced whatever the Jerry can send along, but we can still smile and sink our ration of beer and Vino. The news is coming through alright, so don’t worry about us. Hoping all’s well at home.” A brother of Driver Knapton, Godfrey, also is in the Forces.”

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