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John Daley

Date of death: 27.11.1915
Area: Crofton
Regiment: Royal Munster Fusiliers
Family information: Son of James and Mary Daley of 12, 5th Street, New Crofton, Wakefield
Rank: Private
Service number: 2542

War Service

Private John Daley of the 1st Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers died age 32 on 27th November 1915. In the Wakefield Express of 13th January 1917 there is a photograph of him and he is included in their list of “Local Heroes of the Great War”. He died at Gallipoli and is remembered at the Helles Memorial.
The following articles come from a book (?) “To what end did they die?” by R W Walker:
“27 Nov. 1915: Peninsular lashed by violent storms. Water gushes down the gullies, swamping men in the trenches.
28 – 29 Nov. 1915: The storm is followed by a severe blizzard. Rifles are frozen. Men suffer from frostbite and exposure. Sentries on duty are found frozen to death. 15, 000 cases of frostbite and exposure are recorded.”

Photo of the Helles Memorial a large white stone tower surrounded by a square white stone wall Helles Memorial

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