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Joshua Wright Empson

Date of death: 13.10.1918
Area: Castleford
Regiment: Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Family information: Husband of Mabel Jennings Empson, the daughter of John William Lund.
Service number: 29678

War Service

Joshua applied to join up on 7th September 1914. He was required to attend before a Justice to be attested in His Majesty’s army for a period of three years or the duration of the war, if longer than three years. It is believed his military training was in Perthshire. It is not known what job he did in the army but he served in France, Salonica, Egypt, and Palestine. At the time of his death Joshua was serving in the 6th battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers. He died in the 1st South African General Hospital at Abbeville as a result of injuries at the battle of Selle in the last days of the Great War. His death left a widow and daughter Lucy.

Family Life

Joshua was born in Castleford the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Empson of 24 Church Street, Castleford, and the husband of Mable Jennings Empson (Lund) the daughter of John William Lund. Mable had a sister Minnie and a brother Walter. Joshua and Mable lived at 13 Back Bank Street, Castleford with their daughter Lucy. One of Joshua’s hobbies was watercolour painting. Prior to enlisting he was an On Setter at Allerton Bywater Colliery. On his death Mable lived with her daughter and struggled on a meagre war pension and found part-time work in the school meals service. They never coped on the army pension.
Lucy married George Arthur Sharp, son of Thomas Sharp who also died in the Great War and they lived in Hastings Crescent, Airedale then moved to 184 Glebe Street, Castleford.
As Mable found difficulty, Lucy and George moved with their family to 76 Glebe Street to join Mable and support her. They continued to live with Mable until her death in 1978.

Official telegram informing the family that Joshua had died Telegram
Tow photographs of Joshua Wright Empson in his army uniform Joshua Wright Empson
Photograph of his grave Joshua Wright Empson's grave
Official letter to his widow from the Ministry of Pensions Ministry of Pensions letter

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