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Thomas Lawrence

Area: Knottingley
Regiment: West Yorkshire
Family information: Son of Mr & Mrs F Lawrence

War Service

Pontefract & Castleford Express 7 January 1942 p3 (+ 5 photos)
Five sons of one Knottingley family, whose ages range from 20 to 30, are serving in the Army. They are Richard, Thomas, Charles, Samuel and Joshua Lawrence, sons of the late Mr & Mrs F Lawrence of The Holes, Knottingley.
Richard the eldest is married, and his wife and two daughters live at England Lane, Knottingley. He is in this country in the Corps of Military Police and has been in the Army some 16 months. He was previously employed at the glassworks of Messrs Jackson Bros, Knottingley.
Thomas, who is 27, has been in the Army for two years, and is now serving in the West Yorkshire Regiment abroad. He is also married, and his wife and daughter live at North Featherstone. Before enlisting he was employed at a local brickworks.
The third son Charles is 24 and has been in the Coldstream Guards for four years. He was in France from the outbreak of war and took part in the rearguard action at Dunkirk. He escaped and is still serving with the regiment. His wife and daughter are at present in London. Charles was formerly employed by Bagley & Co Ltd, Knottingley.
Samuel, the fourth is a Corporal in the RASC, 22 years old with some 16 months service, and is also overseas. He worked as a driver for Messrs Burdin Bros, potato merchants of Knottingley.
Joshua, the fifth and youngest son is 20, and joined the West Yorkshire Regiment when he was 16. He is now a Lance Corporal in the Royal Engineers. All five are from 5ft 11ins to 6ft 3ins in height.
Two other brothers are employed on the railways, of the five sisters, the eldest has two sons serving, one in the Army and one in the RAF, while the husband of the youngest is also in the Army. The father Mr F Lawrence died some 18 months ago. He was a glass blower in the days when bottles were handmade and was employed by Messrs Bagley & Co for about 50 years. Mrs Lawrence died 16 years ago.”

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