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Walter Morton

Date of birth: 26.6.1912
Date of death: 1964
Area: Wakefield
Regiment: Royal Navy
Rank: Chief Petty Officer

War Service

Walter Morton was born on 26 June 1912. In 1939 he had just got married and was living at 14 West Parade Street, Wakefield, with his new wife, his Mum, Dad and sister. He was part of the Wakefield Auxillary Service as a Fire Watcher (No 27079 as stated on the 1939 register).
I am unsure of the date he went to war, but he served on the HMS Ausonia as a Chief Petty Officer. The HMS Ausonia was initially a steam liner, that first set sail around 1921 carrying cargo and passengers to Montreal in Canada I believe. In 1939 it was refitted as an Armed Merchant Cruiser and commissioned to be part of World War 2. In 1942 it was changed into a Fleet Heavy repair ship. I believe, but am not certain, my Grandfather joined the ship in 1942.
He spent time in the Mediterranean at Tripoli, which is in Libya and then on to Trincomalee, in Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka.

Family Life

He returned home I believe in 1946, and my Dad was born in 1948.
He continued to Work at E. Green and Sons as an engineer for the rest of his life. Unfortunately he passed away in 1964 when my Dad was only 16 so I never met him.

Group photograph of servicemen completing their naval induction walter is in the middle row 6th from left Walter Morton on completion of his navel induction in 1942. he is in the middle row, 6th from left
three naval men pose for photograph in their white uniforms, walter might be the man on the left. all the men are standing on the deck of hms ausonia On board HMS Ausonia
group of five sailors on board hms ausonia On board HMS Ausonia
walter morton is standing in a field at Tripoli Walter Morton at Tripoli
hms ausonia HMS Ausonia

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